The Story Of One Of My Mashup Ideas

My mashup ideas are like Henry DeTamble’s time travelling in The Time Traveler’s Wife. I have no control over when they come to me. I can be doing anything from sitting in church, riding a bus, or taking a shower, but they can hit me at anytime. This is the story of one such idea.

Canadian hip-hop pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes recently released his first album in 13 years, Orchestrated Noise. One of the songs is called “Dearly Departed,” featuring fellow Toronto hip-hopper Kardinal Offishall. In it, Maestro makes a lyrical reference which I definitely did not miss:

I’ve got brothers in the Jungle, cousins on a Quest
Oakwood, Driftwood, Flemo and the Rex

Those lines should remind you of a certain other hip-hop song.

A brief aside: I love how Maestro makes this reference Toronto-centric, name-checking Toronto streets and neighbourhoods. He even gives a subtle shoutout to Lord Quest, the producer of the song; I didn’t catch that until yesterday.

Despite connecting these songs immediately, it took me a few more days to peep the composition and put them together. Here’s the final result.



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